Cock Ball Torture (CBT)

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Mistress January wants to pleasure herself using the body of one of her slaves. But nothing turns her on like watching a man suffer, so she binds him in a leather sleep sack, hood and gag, and has Her way with him. She makes him endure a thorough flogging, cock and ball biting, cock mummification and the grip of a twitch. She pleasures herself with a vibrator while torturing his cock with the other hand. Finally, she rigs his balls up in a parachute with a rope through the end of the bedframe like a pully. She rides his cock while pulling on the parachute and rope. He groans in pleasure and pain as she cums over and over.

Do you want hard hitting, deviously demented Cock Ball Torture (CBT) and Ballbusting? Then you've come to the right place. Smutty Productions proudly presents a site where the girls are beautiful and devilish, the ballbusting is hard hitting, and the cbt is deviously creative and vicious. Watch as worthless men have their most prized possession tortured. Hear the groans and screams of pure agony. Feel the terror these women inspire in the men who are their victims.


Karrlie Dawn explores her dominant side.

Mistress Cheyenne makes her debut by showing off her wrestling moves and adds ballbusting to the mix.

Mistress Mona catches her slave Kade praying at her altar to be let out of chastity.

Empress Hikari dominates her slave with CBT.

Simone Kross works kade over with an intense series of metal devices.

Simone Kross works kade over with an intense series of metal devices.

Goddess Soma teaches a guy how to be a proper slave.

Mz. Berlin caught her personal slave boy Chad Rock trying to submit to another Mistress.

Elise starts her new slave off by tightly tying rough twine around his cock and balls.

Ryanne has a ball stretcher attached to you and lubes up your cock.

Satine Phoenix does her very first CBT scene, and throughly tortures her slave's cock and balls.

Goddess Soma teaches a guy how to be a proper slave.

Mistress Mina makes her debut on CBT and

Femdom Hunter plays with slave william and pushes his limits.

Goddess Soma plays doctor with her slave's cock and balls.

Mistress Julie Spanks' slave brought her a gift for them to play with- a bouquet of stinging nettles.

Goddess Soma and her friend double dom a helpless slave.

Mistress Liliane decides that slave dirt needs to prove his worthiness.

Goddess Soma teaches a guy how to be a proper slave.

Mistress Liliane decides that slave dirt needs to prove his worthiness.

Raven Alexis has her slave bound to a rolling bondage device and pulls him around by his balls.

Domina Athena loves to push limits of new slaves.

Mistress Mina has a first time slave in the dungeon.

Adrianna Nicole breaks in a new slave for her first time on
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Mistress Sidonia von Bork and her Dominatrices rule the English Mansion and all therein. Their slaves are treated without mercy and must please the Mistresses in every way, lest they be punished sharply, whether by binding and whipping, forced bi, humiliation, CBT (Cock Ball Torture) or other cruel torment. The English Mansion has over 250 hours of real session footage, over 5,000 pictures and is updated every day! Click here to join for instant access.

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CBT and Genital Tortture

Mistress Laurie has a stable bitch strung up with hands over head and his feet locked to the floor. She is fascinated with ball busting and wants a little target practice. Laurie nails the bitch in the nuts from behind. With his hands and legs secured apart, there is no way to protects his helpless balls. Laurie loves it. She fires off kick after barefoot to kick to the slut's nuts. If the bitch moves to avoid a direct blow, Laurie kicks him even harder the next time. Amused with her new found hobby, Laurie picks up the sluts aching balls and punches them. She takes a few more direct kick and then tells the whimpering bitch that she will be back for more. Laurie is stunning.    Click Here for Preview!

Brutal Cock Ball Busting - Click Here for Preview!